Tom Thronicker

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Working from our office in Gibraltar, my focus is on finding the best passive candidates across the IC market. I work across all levels of the industry, from introductory roles for engineers straight from university, through Senior and Principal roles, up to Director and VP.

I work with a number of of the leading global IC design and manufacturing companies, placing engineers across Europe. I place candidates with backgrounds including RF, PM, analog, digital, and mixed-signal, and the roles themselves include:

- IC Design Engineers
- Layout / physical design / place-and-route
- Field Application Engineers
- Product Marketing Managers
- Test, Validation, and Characterization Engineers
- Systems Architects

If you're interested in finding a new role and want a confidential chat, drop me an invitation and a message, or call me on +34 633 76 11 53.


CMOS, BiCMOS, ADC, DAC, IC, RFIC, RFID, Monte Carlo, Cadence, Cadence Virtuoso, Synopsys, DFM, DFT, FPGA, Verilog, System Verilog, Python, PERL, Mentor, RTL, FEOL, BEOL, LF, HF, UHF, NFC, CISC RFID Xplorer, Voyantic Tagformance, Impinj Speedway, PLL, SoC, PCB, Bluetooth, BLE, VCO, MATLAB, Simulink, Tcl, VHDL, DC/DC, AC/DC, MOSFET, ASIP, Z-Wave, ASIC

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