Sophie Parslow

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I am currently a Recruitment Administrator working for SRGeurope.

We source candidates and specialise mainly in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain & FinTech, Online Gaming, IT, Internet & Mobile, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Legal & Compliance and Business Support.

I have acquired a good level of experience in administration, having previously worked at Taurus Insurance as an Insurance Administrator and at a construction company, 501 Construction, as a Trainee Office Manager.

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Why Recruit Talent Globally?

6 days ago

Global recruitment. It’s not just an advantage for individuals who want to explore new cities and cultures like Gibraltar, whilst developing their career, but an immense benefit for businesses wanting to source global talent to enrich their services, both behind the scenes and within customer-facing roles. Global recruitment benefits companies striving to strengthen their internal operations by utilising a diverse range of talents from across the seas. ...


Gibraltar’s Captivating Historical Timeline

26 days ago

Gibraltar’s Captivating Historical Timeline Gibraltar, the tiny rock between Spain and Africa, never ceases to amaze with how much extraordinary history it beholds from prehistoric Neanderthal times to the present. Many of its historical significances are still prevalent and evident to see today. Prehistoric Gibraltar In the Ice Age era, the sea level of Gibraltar would have been much lower. Most of the water we see surrounding the land today was once l...