Sophie Parslow

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I am currently a Recruitment Administrator working for SRGeurope.

We source candidates and specialise mainly in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain & FinTech, Online Gaming, IT, Internet & Mobile, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Legal & Compliance and Business Support.

I have acquired a good level of experience in administration, having previously worked at Taurus Insurance as an Insurance Administrator and at a construction company, 501 Construction, as a Trainee Office Manager.

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Gibraltar’s night-life is rated highly by many and is well known for being a location where you can wind down for the evening. The atmosphere is truly buzzing after work when people meet up for drinks to soak up the warm year-round climate. We’d like to share with you some of the best nightlife locations Gibraltar has to offer, hoping you’ll be able to find your personal favourite. From Irish menus to Indian and American themed food, the culture is trul...


How Do I Pay My Taxes If I Work in Gibraltar?

about 1 month ago

How Do I Pay My Taxes If I Work in Gibraltar? This is a question that arises a lot! When you’ve found the place of your dreams to live, and will soon be starting work in Gibraltar, you may find it useful to know about how taxes are paid in Gibraltar. If you’re going to be living and working in Gibraltar, you’ll find the amount of tax paid to the Gibraltar Government, is considerably lower than the tax paid when living and working in the UK. This is what...