Sophie Parslow

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I am currently a Recruitment Administrator working for SRGeurope.

We source candidates and specialise mainly in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain & FinTech, Online Gaming, IT, Internet & Mobile, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Legal & Compliance and Business Support.

I have acquired a good level of experience in administration, having previously worked at Taurus Insurance as an Insurance Administrator and at a construction company, 501 Construction, as a Trainee Office Manager.

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20 Years in Gibraltar; Martins Expat Story

1 day ago

One of the most important roles on the planet, the Software Developer or Software Architect, the brains behind applications we all use everyday and I’m sure you will agree, the world depends on them. So, I couldn’t help myself but look up “collective nouns for software developers” and here’s what it brought up: recursion of software developers bikeshed of software developers Ok we can’t assume all software developers or architects get stuck in a bike-sh...


Denise Matthews Entrepreneurial Journey That ...

about 1 month ago

Denise Matthews Entrepreneurial Journey That Brought Startup Grind to Gibraltar It’s 09:30 UK time and 10:30 in Gibraltar, with differences in the weather too. It may be cloudy here in London, but Gibraltar is reliably sunny with enviable warmer temperatures. The kids are back to school and everyone is getting back into the swing of work, meetings and new ventures, so what better opportunity for myself to meet with Denise Matthews, winner of the Startup...