Alise Lapinska

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I am an Economics and Business Studies graduate from Latvia, Riga. Working as an Office Manager and Accountant Assistant in construction company Velve N I gained valuable skills which enabled me to move on to one of the top 4 at KMPG Baltics, where I worked as an Audit Secretary supporting a team of Audit Managers and associated staff.

Currently working for the leading recruitment agency in Gibraltar SRGEurope as a Digital Administrator and Resourcer,  I support a team of Consultants and the Managing Director with their daily tasks. My work experience taught me to work well on my own initiative whilst demonstrating the organisation and prioritisation required to achieve tight deadlines. I also enjoy being part of a team and playing my part to the fullest to ensure overall objectives are met.

The areas I cover include:

First point of contact for Candidates, Produce Branded CVs and Marketing Material, Resourcing, Digital Administration, Social Media, Office Administration, Travel Arrangements

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