Angelique Pearson chats with AmCham Gibraltar

over 1 year ago by Sarah Ottley

AmCham Gibraltar recently sat down for a chat with Angelique Pearson, Managing Director, SRGEurope. This is the first in a series of conversations with our AmCham Gibraltar Business Leaders. We want to thank Angelique for her time and her willingness to kick off these conversations with us!

Interviewer: All right. So, Angelique, to start us off, tell us why you're interested in "Talking to Gibraltar AmCham today?"

I have been a member of AmCham since its inception in Gibraltar. It was a very exciting time to be part of that journey here in Gibraltar and it provided a different working perspective for SRG being based here, it allowed great networking not just with local businesses and entrepreneurs but also with the States. It was interesting to learn the extent of business connections with both countries. Interviewer: So exciting to know you have benefited from the AmCham Membership.

Tell us about you and what’s the most important thing we should know about you?

I live in Spain and have a teenage family; my daughter is now back in the UK at Exeter University and my son is finishing his final 2 years here. He is a semi professional tennis player here on the coast. I have become the master of juggling family duties with working long hours required in recruitment. We added a Cockerpoo in the mix 2 years ago, so dog walks need an allocation of time these days. I am a resilient person, with a positive outlook on life, determined yet fair and listen whenever possible. Interviewer: That’s exciting to have a tennis player in your home!

You sound incredibly busy. What’s your story with SRG?

I wanted to return to work when my son started school at 3 years old, I had worked in recruitment in the UK for 6 years and really enjoyed the challenges it brought daily, along with the continual people contact that makes it such a varied job. So, I looked at agencies locally and it was clear there were no specialist Finance and Accounting recruiters here, so SRG was born. I think it is true to say for most people, (particularly with a young family and a husband who worked away in the UK a lot) starting off on a business venture was quite scary but I remained focused on the mission, to provide a specialist recruitment service in Gibraltar. It soon grew to cover Online Gaming and the general business sector here..

What has been the best thing about developing the "SRG" "business"?

I have made long lasting relationships with employees and some have worked for me for more than 10 years (you know who you are reading this!). Also, I have worked with some clients and candidates from the outset of SRG, this has led to business partnering over the years, more so than just simple recruiting exercises. In Gibraltar reputation is everything so to have clients come back year after year with their recruiting needs is proof, we must be doing something right. Interviewer: You are definitely doing things right
& your reputation speaks for itself.

How do you keep your staff growing, motivated and staying loyal to SRG & You?

My staff has autonomy, they are trusted to work responsibly, most are home based in the UK, Spain or Gibraltar, that was pre lock down. I have believed in a flexible working environment for more than 8 years now, so we didn’t suffer too much at SRG realigning our work practices. I also pay them well! My commission structure is unique in that all but 10% is shared amongst all staff. Interviewer: What a winning combination, autonomy plus compensation.

Are you working on anything exciting lately?

We have just finished stage 1 revamp of the website; we are moving on to stage 2 shortly to incorporate more online interactivity with candidates. We have just completed a move across to a new cloud provider which included a software update to enable us to search across all platforms, not just our database. So yes, some very exciting projects in SRGs development for the 2020s. Interviewer: Your website is fantastic. Here is the link for our readers:

What has been the high-point and/or low-point of your career/business so far?

The high points have been many, attaining PSL status with many Top Tier Audit Companies based in the UK and FTSE 200 PLCs here in Gibraltar, Financial Services and Online Gaming, some arrangements on an exclusive basis. We have also played a part in many start-ups in Spain and Gibraltar, seeing their businesses grow and the success of our candidates we have placed is always pleasing. Recruitment is about people at the end of the day even though we live in an online world, maintaining relationships in the real world is still very important to us. The lowest point for sure has been Covid, this last year saw us have to furlough staff both here and, in the UK, and try to maintain a business presence. Many people were made redundant and business owners forced to cease trading. It was a time to help and support people in this terrible situation and keep their hopes alive for the future and believe the world would get back to some normality. Interviewer: It is encouraging to see that you use your position as a leader to lift others up.

Has this been a busy time for you in business and what do you see in the future?

We have never been busier I am so grateful to say, taking account of those terrible events just mentioned. We have more live roles now in Gibraltar, Malta, Spain and the UK than ever before, from existing clients and exciting new ones. We have had career changing Director and NED roles that we have worked on with great success, such an increase in Senior roles is evidence of a significant surge in business in Gibraltar which is great for the community here. It seems the world has had time to think and now they are outing to action their growth plans. Interviewer: That’s outstanding news!

What's your favorite form of social media, hobbies, or personal interests?

I love Instagram and Facebook, I follow everything from Zara fast fashion to vintage finds, my favorite restaurants and bars and any Cockapoo activities on TikTok. I have my own beautiful dog, Lily, and I just love how funny and in tune with the world dogs are. I am a dog lover for sure. Interviewer: Dogs are a people's best friend!

Any plans for the weekend?

Watching my son play tennis, walking the dog, catching some rays as summer is finally here, getting that summer wardrobe out of the basement and in full use! Interviewer: Sounds like fun.

What was the highlight of your day today?

No alarm clock today, its Sunday! Pancakes with strawberries for breakfast.

Keeping up with __sports / tv shows / news__ recently?

We are a tennis household for sure, so we have been watching the Rome Open this last week, Novak Djokovic against Stefanos Tsitsipas was a classic game, edge of seat tennis. The final with Nadal and Djokovic was just another level, we have been so fortunate in our lifetimes to have seen these great Tennis Players, they have inspired a whole new generation of young players, and Spain is the perfect training ground with its climate. I can't wait for the French Open and of course Wimbledon, Federer is in action, my all-time favorite, it may be his last tournament before retiring. Strawberries and cream teas are on the menu in our house during those weeks! Interviewer: Just awesome.

When you were growing up, what was your dream job? Is any part of that still true?

I wanted to be a fashion designer; I couldn’t draw though so a big problem there! Today I just spend my well-earned cash on fashion pieces from High Street to Designer when funds allow. I love Bags, I have loads, I collect them, I barely ever throw them away unless I really must.

Is there a charitable cause you support?

I worked for Childline in the UK and know first-hand how important this charity is to children from all walks of society. I once met Esther Rantzen at the offices in Birmingham many moons ago, she was an inspiring lady. So, I continue to support this charity here in Gibraltar. The last 2 Christmases rather than send cards and gifts to clients we have offered support to Cancer Research UK, Adana Dogs Home in Spain, Gib Sams, Cancer Relief Gibraltar and the Women's Refuge in Gibraltar. Interviewer: Great causes! I love this idea of supporting them in
this way and I’m sure your clients appreciate this, too.

How many hours a day do you work on average?

Many hours, 8 until 7 pm most days, with a break around 5 to 6 pm. But my eye is always on my email on my phone! That is the life of a Recruiter I'm afraid.

For those of us that would love to start our own business, can you describe your typical day?

Email, Phone, LinkedIn, job board - what can I say, that’s the life of a recruiter. Time management is key. Recruiters can always say they are busy but are they doing the right kind of work successfully.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

The reason I set up SRG was to give me the flexibility to work whilst raising a young family. I have adapted to it across the years but have always been mindful and I know when family must come first. Downtime with them must be 100% focused on them.

With the world changing at such a rapid pace, how do you generate new ideas?

I read a lot online, I follow other recruitment companies that I find interesting, mainly based in the UK and if I see they have some great ideas I try and adapt them to our SRG model.

What ideals guide your life?

Equality, and fairness for all, regardless of race or gender, everybody deserves a chance in this life, the journey is a short one, so I try not to darken it with useless arguments, discontentment and bad attitude. It’s a waste of time and energy. Some days are just harder than others to work through for whatever reason. Interviewer: I love that. Equality and fairness are front and center on the world stage right now.

How would you define success?

Personal happiness and self-contentment.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

No not at all, opportunities present themselves to you, you just have to take them with both arms wide open. Rafa Nadal said "Losing is not my enemy, fear of losing is my enemy" This applies to most entrepreneurs at some point on their business journey.
Interviewer: So true that much of success comes from the inside.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

I am quite creative, going back to the fashion designer, so I enjoy incorporating new recruitment ideas in to the consultants days, new website imagery for SRG, social media posts and feeds, I like to be involved with the full business remit as well as actively recruiting myself.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Attaining longevity as a business, more than 13 years now here in Gibraltar and above all surviving this last year and coming out stronger than ever, many recruitment companies closed in the UK which was a terrible thing to see happen in my industry. I maintain my contacts there.
Interviewer: Thank you so much for speaking with us today, Angelique. I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed this interview with you. You have shared yourself generously with our readers and you inspire us!

Is there any message you would like to leave for our community as we conclude this sensational discussion today?

Gibraltar has a special charm, it is hard to explain in words, it kind of draws you in and you feel protective of it in a way when you become part of it. There is a great community spirit that you become a part of, and I still really enjoy it even after all these years. If you are a local budding entrepreneur in any field, I would say jump right in and give it a go, there
will always be somebody willing to support and guide you.

For more information on The Gibraltar - American Chamber of Commerce please visit It was a great pleasure and honour to be selected for interview.