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Secure that Job in Gibraltar with an attractive LinkedIn Profile

over 3 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Gibraltar and British flags

For those of you who use LinkedIn, you will already know the huge potential and opportunities it opens up to somebody who is looking for work. If you do not yet have a LinkedIn account, sign up today and start working on your profile!

We have put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your profile with recommendations and advice from all the consultants here at SRGEurope. Follow the steps below and you are sure to be on your way to landing your new dream job with the help of SRGEurope of course!

Simply put, the more complete your profile, the better the odds that recruiters and hiring managers will find you. Take your time, and ensure you complete every section to give the most detailed snapshot of your professional life. Your profile should become an ongoing project that you keep coming back and adding to as your experience and achievements grow.

A picture tells a thousand words as they say and this is very true when it comes to your LinkedIn picture. Here at SRGEurope we have seen hundreds of inappropriate pictures and this does not attract the right kind of attention. Our recruitment consultant Morgan recommends ‘always adding a profile picture but ensuring it is professional and of high quality’.

After you have set up an account with LinkedIn, you have the option to edit your personal URL to make it shorter and punchier. When first creating your profile you will be assigned random numbers in your URL, which is not easy on the eye or search engines so we recommend your edit this as soon as possible.

Morgan also advises ‘If you are looking for a new position and are happy to be approached, ensure you change your settings to ‘open to new opportunities’ which lets us recruiters know we can contact you freely.’

Ensure you list your previous employment detailing every role in date order. If there are gaps in your employment like travelling, family, sabbatical etc make sure you mention this so we can understand the whole picture. For your current role ensure you include your main duties, do not just provide company and job title.

Our consultant Clare pays particular attention to the summary space which is very important and can make an instant impression. It is your chance to provide an insight in to yourself but always keep in mind your target audience. ‘Make this paragraph punchy and positive. Include what you do, key strengths, qualifications, languages and what you are looking for next. This paragraph should want to make recruiters like myself read the rest of your profile’. Be creative, warm and friendly. One of the biggest mistakes we see is arrogance emanating from a LinkedIn profile. List your achievements but keep them factual.

When your profile is up and running you will want to make connections and grow your network. Our consultant Ebony advises you add a short message with each connection request to make your approach more personal and more likely to be accepted. ‘Keep in mind that LinkedIn is for professionals, it should not be likened to Facebook so always keep it positive as well as professional.’

Also try and secure recommendations and skill endorsements. Our FIRP qualified recruiter Sarah, states ‘I always make an effort to read over recommendations’ which helps her really get the feel for a candidate. They can be extremely effective, but try to make them specific rather than vague. Don’t be afraid to guide people in what direction you would like them to comment on but do not be tempted to ask people you do not know to provide you with an endorsement.

Join groups relevant to your profession, connect with hiring managers and recruiters to ensure your profile gets more exposure and share articles of interest to you that may display your passion and skills.

Finally don’t forget to include those all-important contact details such as e-mail, skype etc. and above all else make an effort to show enthusiasm. Your linked in profile can go a long way to securing a new job, so make it count!