London taxis with think Gibraltar advertising


#Think Gibraltar

over 3 years ago by Angelique Pearson
London taxis with think Gibraltar advertising

Here at SRGEurope we are incredibly proud to call Gibraltar our home. Despite the threat of Brexit looming, which we unfortunately cannot ignore, we believe the rock is in a super position to attract business of all shapes and sizes and continue with the success of those who already call the rock their home.

Having been located in Gibraltar now for over 11 years, SRGEurope have witnessed the huge progression that has been made and have seen first-hand what can be achieved by 30,000 determined Gibraltarians and their strong and committed government. We have helped so many people find new jobs in Gibraltar as well as companies set up and fulfil their recruitment needs.

For anyone who does not know much about Gibraltar, read on…

Gibraltar is a 426-meter high lime stone rock located just off the south west coast of Spain. It is a British Oversees Territory with a population of approx. 30,000. It has an International airport with a very short runway making for very thrilling take offs and landings. English is the official language for all businesses however Spanish is also widely spoken, native Gibraltarians can speak a mix of the two known locally as Llanito! It is just 6.8km squared and the top of the rock is home to a population of Barbary macaques!

As a modern, vibrant, low tax jurisdiction, it likewise has a first rate professional infrastructure that is fully compliant with European standards of regulation. The numerous international trading entities and financial services companies, already based in Gibraltar are testament to this, and not wanting to stand still, the rock are looking to attract even more business.

The Government of Gibraltar has just launched a business development campaign in London called #ThinkGibraltar. It aims to increase awareness of Gibraltar, and attract new businesses to the Rock, which SRGEurope is fully behind.

Over the next two months, ThinkGibraltar advertising will appear on the side of around 300 taxis, 100 buses and in 40 commuter stations in London so keep an eye out for them.

The focus of the campaign centres around the 5 prominent industries in Gibraltar, all of which SRGEurope specialise in and have many years of experiencing recruiting for

#Think Insurance – Think Gibraltar

#Think DLT – Think Gibraltar

#Think Gaming – Think Gibraltar

#Think Funds – Think Gibraltar

#Think Private Client Finance – Think Gibraltar

If you would like to find out more about the rock, are interested in setting up business or finding your perfect job do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at SRGEurope.


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