Woman with a Gibraltan macaque


How Morgan Relocated to Gibraltar

almost 4 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Woman with a Gibraltan macaque

This week we want to introduce you to the latest addition to the SRGEurope team, Morgan Bowden.

Morgan has recently moved over to Gibraltar and SRGEurope have been lucky enough to snap her up. With a long history in recruitment in the UK and strong ambition to succeed, she is more than ready to join the winning team here at SRGEurope Headquarters in Gibraltar.

What brought you to Gibraltar?

I have always wanted to move abroad, however had never looked into Gibraltar as an option. It wasn’t until my boyfriend was offered a new job here that we decided to consider it. After doing my research and visiting for a week we instantly jumped at the opportunity to work in Gibraltar and live in Spain.  

Unlike relocating to other English speaking parts of the world, Gibraltar is only a 2 hour flight back to the UK to visit friends and family and for them to come and visit. Additionally, when comparing Gibraltar to Canada, Australia or New Zealand there is no work visa required if you are moving from the UK so it was all very simple.

How did you relocate to Gibraltar?

We filled the car up, jumped on a Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, and then drove the 10 hours through Spain stopping at various places to stay and explore. Finding a place to live was very easy, there are lots of useful Facebook pages and estate agents to help with finding the right place to rent or buy.  We were lucky enough to find an apartment to rent in Spain about a month before we were due to leave the UK, which we found through a local Facebook group.

How have you found moving countries and adapting to the new life style?

I have found it very easy to adapt to the new lifestyle when there are so many home comforts around the corner, Gibraltar has lots of English shops, including Morrison’s and Marks and Spencer. Having the sunny climate also makes everyday life more enjoyable, being able to go the beach or the pool every evening after work means you truly have the best work life balance.

Although it is still a bit strange walking across a runway on your daily work commute!  

What are you enjoying the most about your new life in the sun?

The three things I’m enjoying the most would have to be the weather (It hasn’t rained since I moved here in May!), all the fantastic local food and tapas restaurants and having a pool with our apartment which is something you don’t get as a norm in England.  

At SRGEurope we work hard and play hard, how do you enjoy your down time?

At the weekend I tend to travel somewhere new, as there are so many places in Southern Spain to explore in a day trip or even go a bit further afield for a weekend break. Places like Marrakech, Ibiza, Portugal, and the South of France are only a 1 or 2 hour flight away. However, sometimes it’s nice to sit by the pool or on the terrace having a BBQ with a nice glass of local wine and some tapas!

Any advice for someone who may be reading this article and thinking of relocating to Gibraltar for a new job?

If you are thinking of moving across, make sure you do your research into where to live as there are lots of different options locally. Come over and visit for a few days, then start your job search with SRGEurope of course! It is much easier to move across once you have secured a job prior to making the move.

We wish Morgan a happy new life in the sun!