A Spanish beach


How To Road Trip Around Southern Spain

almost 4 years ago by Angelique Pearson
A Spanish beach

When you’re feeling spontaneously ready for adventure and a road trip with family or friends is something you’ve always wanted to do, then the southern coast of any country is always a good option! Take Cornwall for example or Cape Town, but more exotic and nearer to home, Southern Spain is a particularly good choice, especially for those who reside in Gibraltar or Southern Spain for work.

Now for some of the SRGEurope team, setting off without a plan is exciting and comes with many memorable elements of surprise on the way. Pulling off the main road and going off the beaten path is how you may like to adventure. Not knowing which little cafe you will stumble upon next, or what you will eat next excites every strand of nerve inside you.

A camper-van gives you the flexibility of parking up in a safe secluded spot and spending the night there before taking a dip in that neighbouring iridescent blue lake in the morning. Nothing beats cooking fried eggs and bacon on the camp stove, underneath willow trees beside the scenic cliff.

Travelling by car is another option if you prefer to stay in accommodation on the way. Either way, exploring Spain’s southern coast allows you to reconnect with nature and beautiful scenery along the coast.

Setting off from your Gibraltar base, you can expect beautiful weather all the way outwards on your journey and back.

An Example Spanish Coast Itinerary:

From Gibraltar, stop off at Marbella to enjoy the old town for the day or evening. Al fresco dining comes highly recommended here under palm trees, whilst admiring several supercars that are always not too far away. You can spend from half a day to one night in Marbella before making your way to Malaga.


Many of you may already be working in Malaga, which means a tweak of this itinerary. Here are some places to visit in Malaga that you will not want to miss:

  • The 10th century palace, The Castillo de Gibralfaro
  • Puerto de Málaga, a port where you can wander with a drink.
  • Alcazaba, another Moorish palace, but also Málaga’s most iconic     
  • El Pedregalejo, a cool neighbourhood with lots of restaurants with a great vibe in the evening.

Montes de Málaga Natural Park

No road trip is complete without a visit to a national park along the way. Visit this national park (5 km from Malaga) to enjoy the splendour of towering mountains that soar 1000m above sea level and amazing lakes. It’s where all the local people of Malaga like to escape to.

There are many trails you can go on at the park to get some of the best views of the coast.


Looking for some action and watersports?

Then the coast of Maro is perfect for this. Try kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding. Stop and admire the beautiful cliffs of La Herradura.

Visit La Cueva de la Virgen to catch a swim in the natural blue swimming pool.

Sierra Nevada National Park

On the way to Granada, explore the national park and town of Capileira. Plan a hike to the Los Cahorros gorge where you will find hanging bridges across the Monachil River and also beautiful rock pools and waterfalls.

In Granada, you will discover lots of ancient arab architecture and arabian dishes. Other attractions include Alhambra, Basilica San Juan de Dios, Mirador San Nicolas and the beautiful courtyards throughout the city.

Once you have soaked up lots of sun, culture and coastal views, you can begin your journey back to Gibraltar, looking out for anything you missed on the return journey.

If you’re considering relocating to Gibraltar in the future, or are already secured in a role through SRGEurope, then a road trip is something that may interest you on the weekends or during a holiday break. If family are coming to visit you, what better way to entertain them than this lifetime opportunity of driving along the southern Spanish coastline. Of course this is just one of the options available to you, there are so many places to choose from and opportunities to travel andWrite something here...