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Dont take our word for it...Hear what one of our candidates has to say about relocating to Gibraltar!

almost 4 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Photo of Federico

This month, we find out about one of our candidates who relocated to Gibraltar through SRGEurope. Federico Lahm relocated from Prague and has been in Gibraltar for 3 months now. 


What made you want to relocate to Gibraltar to work?

I was living in Prague, Czech Republic, and I decided to move to a place where I could find a change of weather, where I could speak languages I know, and to enjoy the best of two countries.


Did you bring anyone else along with you?

Not yet, my fiancée is still in Prague and she will be staying a while longer since she has a very good position there. We are still planning how to manage it, but so far a long-distance relationship is not so bad.


What was it like relocating and what did you do to settle in?

The company I am working for offered a good relocation package which helped me settle in smoothly. I stayed in a hotel for a week and I found a nice flat 10 minutes from La Linea after visiting. As I speak Spanish, I did not have any issues communicating.


Describe your typical day...

I leave my flat in Campamento, take a bus to La Linea Bus Station, walk 15 min to Ocean Village where the company is located; have some lunch around the places, sometimes a take away; leave the office and generally walk back home, if there is nice weather, which is around 45 min walk.


What’s the best thing about Gibraltar that really makes you happy?

I believe it is the weather and the nice vibe around the city.


Describe your social life and what you do to unwind when you’re not at work?

Well, I usually go out for a pint to some pub that plays good music. Basically, I enojy staying home to catch up with my fiancée, read a lot, enjoy a beer or a coffee in my balcony, and sometimes play some videogames (guilty pleasure :D)


Is there anything you miss particularly about ‘home’?

I think I see it differently. My physical home was Argentina for 28 years, and Czech Republic for 1 year, but for me, home is where one feels at home, and my home is my family and friends. Of course I cannot have them all in one place, and that’s what I miss the most, being near them, but I keep in touch every day.


How do you keep in touch with friends and family back home?

Mainly via Whatsapp, with videocalls or texting.


Would you say there are any similarities between your home and Gibraltar?

No, it’s really really different, but I like it to be different.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I see myself having my own consulting company and helping others  to achieve their goals. Maybe still in Gibraltar, why not?


What advice would you give to anyone considering a career move to Gibraltar?

I would recommend them to practice their Spanish, since it would be really helpful here. But also to be open to encounter a clash of cultures, to live in Spain to make the most of their earnings and to enjoy the holiday weather that we have here!


What would you say to anyone who has never been to Gibraltar, what are they missing out on?

They would be missing meeting very interesting people from all over the world, a very unique place that has beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to have the best of Spain and the best of the UK.


We would like to thank Federico for his open and honest feedback ad continue to wish him well with his new life in Gibraltar.

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