A plane waiting at Gibraltar airport


Three Ways to Gibraltar

about 4 years ago by Angelique Pearson
A plane waiting at Gibraltar airport

Flying over the English Channel on a clear day with blue skies and no aeroplane wings in the way, can make you realise how close the UK is to mainland Europe.

I’ve made many short-haul trips to and from Europe, but my recent trip where I was sat on row 8 instead of my usual row 18 with aeroplane wings blocking my view, had me glancing from side to side outside my window, startled at how close the two mainlands actually were - 21 miles apart!

Also, to think there’s a channel tunnel nestled underneath the ocean between them!

Travel to Europe and Gibraltar has never been easier and Gibraltar International Airport makes it so easy to fly non-stop in 3 hours, from the UK, with Easy Jet and British Airways from Manchester, Bristol and London airports. There are also the nearby airports of Jerez, Seville and Malaga in neighbouring Spain to choose from.

The ease of travelling by air and the pros of travelling direct to Gibraltar’s airport, outweigh all other routes, but if you’re adventurous enough and tired of travelling by air all the time, you’re not limited for alternative ways to get to Gibraltar from the UK.

If you watched Race Across The World on BBC Two, where pairs of teams raced against each other from London to Singapore by land only, you would have been left awe-stricken to try something similar for yourself. As long as convenience is not your priority or arriving on time for that business meeting in the World Trade Center! At SRGEurope, we recommend flying as the fastest option, if your first day starting your new job and getting settled beforehand is not far away. Booking your flights in advance will enable you to get the best possible rate. But most notably, relocating to Gibraltar is the most exciting adventure candidates partake.


By Road

The channel tunnel is another way to get across if you’re travelling by car, but if you’re working in Gibraltar, it’s worth noting, there really is no need to have a car, because you can get everywhere by foot! It really is that small.

In the UK, we are so dependent on having one car each, with some families parking 4 or 5 cars on their driveway. Walking to school even, if it’s only a 20 minute walk is often the last resort we opt for and that’s usually one when our car has gone in for a repair.

In Gibraltar a car is really not a necessity. There Public transport is very reliable and efficient in both Gibraltar and Spain.

Going back to the channel tunnel route, if you were to type in the search terms “Folkestone to Gibraltar” and click on directions, it displays an average journey of 21-23 hours. A route worth considering if you plan to stop off at Paris, Bordeaux and several other places in Spain on the way.


By Sea

Apologies! Putting on your speedos and swimming across is not one of the recommended alternative routes, unless your name is on here. Alison Streeter holds the record for swimming across the channel the most times. 43 in total!

Ferries can be the slowest and cheapest way to get across the channel. Perhaps not the best suited method if you’re prone to sea sickness or like to get from A to B quickly.

Most people assume ferries only take you to the UK, but ferries from Plymouth and Portsmouth can get you to the north of Spain (Santander or Bilbao), allowing you to catch a train the rest of the way to Gibraltar.

A ferry also allows you to have much more freedom to walk around and enjoy on board entertainment with Wifi included. Ferry timetables are fairly flexible and run day and night, with some high-speed options.

Both the ferry and euro tunnel are a friendly way for your pets to be transported with you too.