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Gibraltar for Families

over 4 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Skywalk Rock Gibraltar Arc Designs Dezeen 2364 Hero 852x479[1]

At just 6.8 square kilometers, Gibraltar is deceptively small. You may be able to walk across one side to the other, but it is jam-packed with activities that appeal to everyone from young to old.

The best thing is that you can walk to anywhere, right from the moment you land at the airport. You can stroll your luggage from the runway to your residence without any waiting around for a taxi. That’s rare, we know!

There are so many little treasures and things to do in Gibraltar that it’s no surprise why families find this little gem to be so appealing and accessible for everyday activities, especially at weekends and during the holidays. Relocating to Gibraltar as a family has so many plus points attached to it.

In this article, we highlight some of the most breathtaking activities you can participate in and places to visit when you’re looking to spend time as a family.

Heights and Caves

We couldn’t start without mentioning a famous sight first; The Rock of Gibraltar. This stunning piece of nature has played a significant landmark role in history is adorned with Barbary Macaques on the outside and echoing caves on the inside. These caves had an important role to serve during WWII. For families that love history and adventure, The Rock is a time machine that takes you back in time, with wonderful views for miles on end and you can easily reach a good height in a cable car.

If you realise caves have got you and your family excited then, there’s also the Gorhams Cave Complex. This attraction recently achieved a UNESCO World Heritage Status and is prominently featured as last recorded site of Neanderthal survival. We’re talking some 28,000 years ago!

You’re able to book onto a tour that takes you by boat to the cave where Neanderthal engravings have been discovered.

Gibraltar’s attractions can be described as being quite steep because of the natural formation of the ground, so wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs should consider there are limited ramps provided, particularly in St Michael’s Cave.

Children and adults would certainly enjoy the City Under Siege Exhibition, as well as the Great Siege Tunnels and Parsons Lodge. If you plan on visiting the Apes’ Den, we advise to keep a close eye on small children as macaques do like to run wild.

Gibraltar has recently constructed it’s very first 71-metre long suspension bridge which has been built over a 50 metre gorge! The Windsor Bridge is a modern take to the classic traditional landscape surrounding it and is truly breathtaking.

The fun doesn’t stop there, you could make an entire day trip exploring what Gibraltar has to offer. The Gibraltar Skywalk is a special attraction that stands 340 metres above sea level; that’s higher than the London Shard! The clear glass panels securing this modern architectural platform offer panoramic views across three countries!

Sea and Sand

If you’re scared of heights, then you may want to just stick to the local beaches and luckily there are five lively beaches around Gibraltar. If you don’t suffer from sea-sickness, then you might like to venture out further to sea. Dolphin watching tours are available to book from the main marinas. Sailing and diving activities are popular activities that can also be booked from here too.

Green Space

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens gives families and young ones the opportunity to enjoy a special atmosphere. The gardens are home to an amphitheatre which hosts events outdoors in the summer, creating a friendly atmosphere where you can mingle with the locals.

The gardens are not only home to a children’s playground, but also a recently renovated wildlife conservation park, which is a contrast to the bustling Main Street. From lemurs to peacocks and endangered to adopted animals, there is a large range of sweet little exotic animals to see in such a small space.

Sun, Sun, Sun

Overall, the heat and sun is what makes Gibraltar a wonderful place to be outdoors, even if you have no intentions of going anywhere.

At SRGEurope, our candidates who currently work in the range of industries ranging from Online Gaming to Finance, will vouch for the sunny lunch breaks and evening meetings spent reenergising at the restaurants in the marina, where there is a vibrant atmosphere.