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The Girl Who Created A Bitcoin App

almost 5 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Harshita Arora 1519451957 800x420

Harshita Arora, one of the first females to create a bitcoin app at the age of 16, had once envisioned to become a graphic designer, but ended up pursuing software development instead.

Harshita is not your average 16 year old. Whilst most girls her age are worrying about their school subjects, she is already hitting headlines with her talented progress.

Her app, Crypto Price Tracker has plummeted in popularity since it first launched and now tracks over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, offering time-based and threshold-based alerts for its customers. It conveys 18 separate exchanges in 32 currencies.

In fact, her app coincidently arrived on the app store when cryptocurrencies, the global currency that has taken us all by surprise, saw it’s unexpected surge at the end of 2017.

Arora identified a gap in the market for a well-designed app to track cryptocurrencies and quickly ventured out to build something that was much more aesthetically pleasing that all the other number-crunching bitcoin apps out there. She wanted hers to look better and stand out, appealing to the mass market of crypto-enthusiasts.

According to Arora, her first encounter with coding was ‘relatively late’ - even if we would disagree with her that age 13 is considered late. She then went on to learn programming before starting an internship in Bangalore. The following summer, she attended a scheme designed to aid students on how to launch their own startup. All these skills combined enabled her to become a young entrepreneur in an online market which is attracting the attention of millions across the world.

Arora’s advice to other young developers is to code, code, code as much as you can. She believes that programming is an art that you will improve on the more you work at it.

“Start early at 7am and code every day, even for 30 minutes,” she advises. “Ask for help if you need it”, she recommends. Arora has emailed many coding experts that she admires on Twitter and has always received a reply back from them.

She now has a passion to delve deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence, whilst she works on her second app on developing neural networks, which she has received $5,000 in Amazon Web Services credits from a mentoring company.

Arora loves reading books and owes her success to books and online articles which have helped her gain the knowledge she has today. She even shares her knowledge with her grandparents who encourage her to keep going and do more.

Her story has already featured on the apple App store and her app, Crypto Price Tracker has been rated as the second most popular app in the Finance category. On its first launch in January this year, it hit 900 downloads by the end of the first week and all from an initial investment of $500.

There have been some lows too. Arora has also been subject to cyberbullying, a harsh reality that exists in the online world. She has been targeted because of her age and gender, but this has not stopped her from becoming an inspirational success who outperforms even herself.

She is not only an inspiration to the minority of young women feeling nervous about entering the finance or technology sector, but also young men who want to pursue a crypto career in developing apps for their own business or the company they work for.

Arora is expected to migrate from her small town Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India to the USA next year, where no doubt she will continue to increase her prospects and learning at such a young age.