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Gibraltar’s Flourishing Blockchain Industry

about 5 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Financial Market

There is a real excitement in the air around cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Gibraltar right now, and at SRGEurope, we are extremely proud to be located on this small coast hosting a multitude of endless possibilities.

As a key link between talent and companies within the cryptocurrency sector, we have seen how the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has taken a global lead to be in an extremely good position for token sale and cryptocurrency exchange.

Gibraltar’s decision to initially establish itself as a Fintech hub has given it many advantages to become a leader in cryptocurrencies and the Rock’s future will inevitably continue to bloom.

What makes GBX so secure and reputable in the world’s eye must be based on it’s openness and trust within the bitcoin industry. It certainly holds the potential to change perceptions and pave the way for new regulations to be adopted.

Establishing itself as a reliable token sale platform, GBX ensures only approved sponsors are used to promote the strict standards of quality, transparency and execution in token sales. GBX also ensures only the highest level of secure technology is implemented for top-tier cryptocurrency exchange.

If a bitcoin arouses any doubt over its secureness, then most likely it will not be on the GBX list of tokens. All the regulations have to be fulfilled before a token is launched, which makes the strict guidelines a key driver within the crypto industry.

Blockchain has an exciting path laying ahead of itself and all it’s participants, which includes sponsors, online industries, employees and bitcoin traders. The market is taking shape fast.

Gibraltar’s World Trade Center & Other New Beginnings

Gibraltar’s new seven-storey World Trade Center building, covering 167,000 square feet opened last year; a sign of more exciting things to come. With it’s award winning design, the WTC is now the hub of all international trade and business, joining a family of 323 other World Trade Center’s across the world.

It’s already host to many new cryptocurrency companies that are experiencing rapid growth in the Fintech sector. Trade is growing at a significant rate in Gibraltar!

There are even more patterns of growth to be observed in Gibraltar. Recently the boom of property development, as well as the expansion of new office space has started to surge. New financial start-ups now have the opportunity to be located in a prime location near other liked-minded sectors, allowing them to work collaboratively to boost Gibraltar’s rocketing economy.

The Effect of Distributor Ledger Technology on the Modern World

History was undeniably made on the 1st January 2018, when Gibraltar’s new Blockchain regulations on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) first came into effect. These ground-breaking legislations have already attracted interest from global investors and market leaders as we prepare to enter a new era of crypto-technology. Growing innovation will only allow the industry to flourish even further into a future that embraces modern changes and a safe online currency.

Some of the core principals underpinning the DLT regulation to make it a safe attribute of Gibraltar include the following, where DLT providers are required to:

  • Act with honesty, integrity and professionalism at all times and never pose a risk to the public or Gibraltar’s reputation.
  • Offer the highest standards of customer service, ensuring all communication is transparent and customer complaints are dealt with swiftly.
  • Provide sufficient financial and non-financial resources.
  • Protect their client assets as well as providing adequate data protection.
  • Implement appropriate corporate governance arrangements around structure, strategy, procedures and corporate culture.
  • Ensure the highest level of cyber security, so all protocols are maintained to the highest standards.

Using Gibraltar for Blockchain Technology has many advantages and the DLT legislation adds to the list of attractive options that makes Fintech businesses want to sign up and be part of the action.

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