How Excellent Candidate Experience Can Freeze Employee Turnover

about 5 years ago by Angelique Pearson

How Excellent Candidate Experience Can Freeze Employee Turnover

Candidates are a principal customer in the job market and equally as powerful as the employer who is hiring. Ensuring the candidate experiences a high level of satisfaction from the initial application stage, right through to the hired status can determine their perceptions of the role they will be pursuing for many years to come.

Take for instance an applicant who clicks instantly with their new company culture. There are many things they will be subjected to before they get a flavour of the actual work tasks, but a clearly defined job description, company website and pleasant tone of voice from the interviewer can all contribute to how they feel they will fit in. ‘Fit’ is an important element that can ensure high staff retention without the need to continually recruit for the same role over and over again.

If employees are leaving the same role within an organisation, what does this say? Were those employees a good fit for the role and the company culture?

Work ethics and floorspace design are never identical in any two companies. Each company has its own unique and positive attributes to offer their employees.

How can a recruitment agency like SRGEurope boost staff retention in a company? Besides sharing industry-valuable tips, we ensure the best possible candidate experience at the start of a candidates journey; this can go a long way.

Retaining talent can be done through psychological appraisals, such as giving positive feedback to employees to show appreciation. Regular appreciation through incentives can help retain staff so they don’t start looking for the same role elsewhere.

Unlike the Baby Boomer generation, Millennial candidates are a lot more assertive in their career decisions. If their dissatisfied with their work environment or role, they will not be coaxed into staying. When they see an opportunity, they will go for it. Competition creates a buzz for some candidates who will always strive to achieve their maximum potential.

However investments like strong training programmes, flexible working, modern technology, futuristic furniture and an in-house barista are effective cultural benefits to protect staff from external competitive influences, increasing staff retention and productivity along the way. Employees can feel at home with all the perks at their desk and looking elsewhere will less likely cross their mind.

Interestingly, incentives can also help employees keep their company’s best interests at heart, advancing the organisation forward for every long-term success, particularly in the private sector. Focussing on internal career development rather than outward financial benefits.

What else enhances employee experience?

An open door policy is an effective way to tune into employee’s needs. A hostile manager creates barriers between him and his staff, whereas an affable line manager will always remain the winner in keeping his staff happy within the business and putting a stop to employee turnover. This incentive costs nothing financially and improves motivation within the team.

So getting it right from the beginning is all down to the recruitment company and how they handle the entire experience for the candidate. Making the process of entering the job world a pleasant and wonderful challenge.

Strong communication can build the necessary confidence inside a candidate, boosting them with all the energy and determination they require to step on the path to being hired. If a candidate rates their experience with the recruitment agency at the high end of a 1-10 scale then the employer will also benefit from this positive feedback. Starting off on the right foot can advantage everyone in the recruitment party, which is why SRGEurope value candidate experience extremely highly from an employee turnover perspective.

Clients do not want to be recruiting repeatedly for the same role, which is why getting the ‘fit’ right at the beginning can help retain staff.