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Why Using A Recruitment Agency Can Benefit Your Business

over 5 years ago by Angelique Pearson
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Why Using A Recruitment Agency Can Benefit Your Business

Recruiting for new candidates is not only a complex process for new businesses, established businesses can also find the world of recruitment just as costly and time-consuming.

The phrase ‘time is money’ rotates around everything within recruitment. The longer it takes to fulfil the gap in the organisation hierarchy, the more money it costs the organisation to juggle client deadlines in the air. Having vacant chairs at raring-to-go workstations is the last thing you want when clients are queuing up for your services.

Not every business has the resources to advertise or manage vacancies on their company website, which is why using an outsourced recruitment company can take a huge amount of stress off a business’s shoulders.

There are many things an internal HR team wont have knowledge of because recruiting is not a continuous process they are always subject to, it’s an ad hoc one. So understanding market trends will be first nature to them.

Recruitment Agencies Understand Market Trends

A key skill that SRGEurope hold is the ability to understand the recruitment market and it’s shifting patterns. We’re not just here to find the best pool of available and talented candidates, we also act as business advisors and partners to our clients.

Through retained recruitment, we find the best candidate that is a talented match for our client’s business and work culture. A key milestone is to ensure the client’s staff retention levels are kept to a high, whilst reducing the risk of new agency staff leaving the organisation to look for the next best opportunity. There are many organisations which face this problem which results in them continuously trying to search for and recruit the best talent to maintain their business demands and profitability.

As a recruitment agency, we are proud of our exceptional experience in finding the best talent because of our exposure to headhunting and dealing with candidates on a daily basis.

Working As Bait To Attract Talented Candidates

SRG Europe specialise in specific sectors which act as a magnet or bait to attract top talented candidates searching for an exact role. We find that the majority of candidates out there are more interested in utilising their talents in a specific industry rather than searching every company out there. So job applicants find it easier to sign up with ourselves at SRGEurope because of our established connections with existing companies.

No Sifting Through Non Relevant Applicants

The biggest benefit of outsourcing recruitment is not having to deal or sift through thousands of non relevant applicants that are just out there to apply for any job that comes their way. An agency should only present you with their best pick of candidates that have already been assessed against the key basic skills or criteria that the person specification outlines.

Quick Turnaround

In the unfortunate event that a member of staff suddenly leaves without notice, recruitment agencies can quickly fill that gap in your workforce through contingency recruitment, to prevent business backlogs. You can expect to have a talented and skilled agency worker sitting at their desk immediately without having to re-advertise or go through lengthy processes.

SRGEurope understand the importance of recruiting the right calibre for your company who will click instantly with your culture. Every workplace has its own unique culture and a candidate needs to be well suited to this. For example, a female candidate that is highly skilled in analytics, but also a proud introvert, may not be suited to an office full of turbulent male software developers within the online gaming industry.

Salary Negotiations

An agency can also act as the middleman to negotiate salaries with the successful candidate so you don’t have the burden of having to carry out such a laborious agreement. SRGEurope have extensive experience in carrying out such negotiations on behalf of both the candidate and client, which makes relationship much healthier from the start.

What makes us different from any other recruitment agency on the high street or online, is that we specialise in recruiting candidates that have an incredible passion to relocate and work abroad. So, it goes even further than finding a role within a specific sector, it’s about becoming an adventurous expat who is willing to relocate and try new life-changing experiences.

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