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Why Millenial Women Would Sacrifice Salary Over Happiness

over 5 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Salary in Gibraltar

Why Millenial Women Would Sacrifice Salary Over Happiness



We recently shared an article on our social media about 90% of women not pursuing a career in their dream job. An interesting topic, we wanted to elaborate on as we embark on new year prospects.


With the three generations of employees, Baby Boomers born between 1946-1964, Generation X (1965-1980) and the new Millenials (1981-1997), statistics are showing the latter focusses more on what they want to achieve from a day job rather than how much they’ll earn.


Job Seeking has certainly changed over the decades and what a Baby Boomer sought out to achieve from a life career has certainly changed in comparison to the requirements of a Millenial. We are now able to search for jobs anywhere without relying on traditional methods which are still around today, namely the vacancies section at the back of the good old newspaper.


We would assume the perfect dream job closely aligns with one’s hobbies, passions, interests, but most importantly making a difference to other people’s lives. After all, every all businesses narrow down to one purpose, to serve the end customer!


Toluna’s survey on 1,000 women aged between 25 and 35, reported 80% of women wanted to work from home, whilst 64% dreamt of having their own business. Surprisingly, only 36% of the women surveyed wanted to work abroad, perhaps due to current family commitments. Which makes us think, is it easier for a man to relocate abroad? Do men take bigger risks than men, which reflects a higher number of men in leadership roles and being the most well paid compared to women?


It makes us wonder if the recent gender pay gap in the aviation industry is due to women not fulfilling their passion of becoming pilots. Or vice versa; they only thought of their dream job in their late 20s or 30s, by which time, it was more challenging to gain the qualifications they needed they needed for a career in the finance industry.


Why are the majority of women in jobs they don’t enjoy? Would an inspiring role model have taught them to reach their potential?


To succeed, is it important to take a risk in achieving your goals?


It seems so.


The most successful people have an assertive attitude where nothing will hold them back. They know their goals and the steps they must take to reach them.


Surprisingly, even if a millennial’s parents were not big earners, it would mean more of a challenge for them to succeed to make a life they never had. Successful aunts, uncles and cousins are actually big aspirational role models for many individuals who can learn from such family members. Being around aspirational peers at school and university can also influence your direction in life. The society you surround yourself will have a significant impact on whether you achieve your dreams in becoming a dentist, artist or accountant.


Considering a career change to pursue a dream can mean sacrifices, such as a lower salary or increased hours, but in the long term, it means secured happiness which many women will happily accept over laborious clock watching in a workplace they detest.


At SRGEurope we’re committed to listen to what your dream job aspirations are. We’ve helped thousands find a career that takes them to the sun, sea and sand.