The Adventure of Relocating To Gibraltar

over 5 years ago by Angelique Pearson

The Adventure of Relocating To Gibraltar

Forward planning is key to embarking on a new life changing experience. Relocating to a new country is an exciting new prospect for any individual; a decision that no doubt will have been weighed up for its career related benefits, not to forget, a warmer climate by the sea!

Advanced preparation will create a smoother transition from country to country, minus the stress and avoidable costs along the way. We take a look at the key things to consider to make your adventure exciting and memorable for years to come!

Living in Gibraltar

It’s important to budget sensibly when renting in Gibraltar as rentals prices are high, equivalent to London. Renting houses along the coast and across the border means you benefit from cheaper prices and the beautiful areas that are all along the Coast. La Linea, Santa Margarita, Alcaidesa are all areas where people settle in happily and they are all within a very reasonable commutable distance to Gibraltar.

The majority of apartments are all ready furnished, so it’s important to check with your agent first depending on if you want to relocate your own furniture or just purchase essentials on arrival.

Best Methods of Transport to commute from the border if you settle in Spain

- By Car

If you’re commuting across the border of Spain to Gibraltar daily, then a car may be your most favourable and convenient method of transport to rely on. Also, if you plan to drive from the UK, you can enjoy a beautiful road trip, route 66 Europe style! Enjoy the scenery and views of France and Spain, perhaps stopping off in some cities along the way, it is definitely what memories are made of.

- By Bike

If you want to make a more environmentally friendly and healthier commute whilst admiring the beautiful scenery and local culture, then consider renting a Redibike! You can quickly register at any bike station before purchasing a number of pre-paid hours and it’s extremely easy to top up once you’ve used up all your credit.

- By Foot

It’s easy to get around Gibraltar by foot and jogging to your destination is equally satisfying and free!

- By Bus

If you want to sit back and relax after a long day in the office, then take the Calypso number 5 bus which makes regular stops every 15 minutes.

Speaking the Language

English is the main language spoken in Gibraltar, so as an expat there’s no hindrances in communicating with one another. All businesses and Spanish residents speak English so there are no communication barriers to overcome. Learning basic Spanish maybe something you would enjoy, so when you are out and about exploring the areas and culture, you will know some commonly used phrases like  how to order from menus, ask for the bill, get directions etc..

Gibraltar Monkeys

Gibraltar is famous for it’s rich British culture, and strong history of war and power, but it’s also home to the only wild monkeys in all of Europe. It is these inhabitants that have witnessed a long and  interesting history since 1704. The Barbary Macaque species can be seen more closely during a scenic trip up the cable car.

Job Opportunities

Jobs are in abundance especially within the online gaming, accountancy and insurance sectors, together with the fast growing FinTech and Bitcoin markest now emerging, it all makes Gibraltar a very attractive place to seek employment.

SRGEurope have a variety of roles to suit applicants. If you have technical or online gaming expertise, or you're a professional within finance and looking for a new adventure abroad, then get in touch with us to start the application process. Once you know you’ve secured a role, it’s time to put your re-location plans into action.

Relocating to Gibraltar is a big decision and requires investment of money, time and knowledge. Moving with children places significant pressure of ‘getting it right’ without failure, so researching other families experiences beforehand is vital if you’re a serious expat. There are a lot of forums you can join to chat with other fellow re-locaters who have made the transition, they are always happy to share the knowledge!

All our Consultants at SRGEurope are experts at relocating, because we’ve all done it! Why not contact us now for a chat? It could be the first step into the next exciting chapter of your life!