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Pauper To Prince In A Day; Behind The Scenes of Online Gaming

almost 6 years ago by Angelique Pearson
money euros spain

Pauper To Prince In A Day; Behind The Scenes of Online Gaming

Online gaming has transformed thousands of lives. Winning a large return of money often requires luck, but a good analytical mind and research is just as important to understand the odds at play, how likely the favourite will win and the potential returns. The art of online gaming, in moderation of course, is extremely advantageous for the ageing population to develop a sharp, active brain.

What’s more, playing in the comfort of ones home on an app as opposed to going into a betting store has many advantages and will continue to evolve in the future, with more developers experimenting with how to make the online gaming experience increasingly exciting for players.

If luck and the chosen odds are successful for any given individual, then online gaming has the power to transform lives in seconds.

Considering the technology that enables thousands to play or bet on their phone, there are key employees that play a vital role in online gaming. Without their expertise, there would be no online gaming industry. We take a look at some of the infrastructural roles required for online gaming, the source of all buzz and emotions that can make a man feel like a prince one day, but pauper the next and vice versa.

The Game Designer

Game Designers have an important role and innovation is key to their success. Developing groundbreaking games to compete with the industries competitors will help them reach heights in their career. Thinking out of the box to create new designs and game systems before monitoring player behaviour is a key.responsibility.

Working as part of a larger team to bring out the successes of the game before its rollout will make a Game Designer a desired player within the games industry. Building a portfolio of success will open doors and without it, many companies will not consider an application.

The Motion Graphics Design Manager

Managing a team of Motion Graphic Designers and their design projects, whilst catering for training needs and delivering all objectives for stakeholder brands are some of the key responsibilities of a Design Manager. As well as providing leadership and managing performance to ensure the company is abreast of its key competitors.

Delegating Motion Graphic projects to the team and meeting stakeholder deadlines makes the role of a Graphics Design Manager pressurised but rewarding. A manager usually works their way up from being a Graphic Designer, having years of experience in working with video production editing and animation.

The Senior Game Developer

When a successful game or app launch returns seven figures, you can be sure that your Senior Game Developer had a significant role to play in the process from start to finish. The motivation for such a developer will lie in creating the highest quality of entertainment for every game enthusiast.

Quality control and assurance will be measured at every angle with no corners cut. At a senior level, Game Developers ensure clean optimised code, working closely with Graphic Designers and the techies responsible for the games server, getting it onto the worldwide platform. Testing for bugs will be second nature to the developer role.

Commonly, the above roles will also have an inner passion for playing games and understanding the end user experience, for they too are the end users.

The VIP Casino Associate

Following the launch of any game, there are roles interacting daily with users and their gaming experience. The Casino Associate plays an important role in building strong relationships with experienced betters forming part of their portfolio of VIP clients. They maintain their VIP’s accounts on a daily basis whilst identifying potential new VIPs. Fulfilling a sales oriented role, the VIP Associate possesses analytical skills as good as their clients and depending on their location, have the ability to speak the native language.

The Junior Fraud Analyst

Where there are millions of pounds circulating within the gaming industry, the role of a Junior Fraud Analyst will be to minimise risk and fraud. Constantly monitoring fraudulent payments or withdrawals, the Fraud Analyst will take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the online gaming world. Money laundering a key issue will also be on their list of priorities to tackle. With many countries banned from online betting, online security will halt individuals unauthorised to play, including under-aged gamers.

The Customer Service Agent

When a prince is born into a new world of sudden riches, he will want to know how quickly his prize will come into his hands. Answering queries of this kind will be dealt by Customer Service Agents. Their knowledge of online gaming will be sufficient to answer common questions and address caller’s issues during the relevant work shift they are appointed to. A fast paced environment which will present regular problem solving. Similar to the VIP Casino Associate, they will be fluent in the native language spoken.

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