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Why Young People Are Drawn To The Finance Industry in Gibraltar

almost 6 years ago by Angelique Pearson
Finance in gibraltar

Why Young People Are Drawn To The Finance Industry in Gibraltar

A role in accounting and finance can be closely associated with ‘working in the city’ and it was this sector that topped a recent study on Graduate’s dream jobs. The finance sector as a whole is competitive but well rewarded with bonuses. Young people are hugely attracted to the exciting entrepreneurial side of investment banking to help billionaires manage their assets, but the finance sector also deals with tax and audit which many find equally stimulating.

Many graduates that have landed their foot in the door of a finance company in say Canary Wharf, London for example, would have faced a series of rigorous tests and a First degree from Oxford is not the minimum requirement these days. There are other qualifications that suffice after A Levels: ACCA, FCCA, ACA, FCIMA, CIMA, MAAT, AAT, MAAT, CA, CPA, ICAS and FPA. Many trainee applicants with these qualifications may be required to take a numerical test before proceeding to the interview stage. Having a degree can be beneficial but not necessary and many science and engineering graduates with excellent numerical skills have decided to go into finance because they can gain quicker progression within this field of work. Recruitment processes for the big firms are ongoing with jobs never at a shortage.

The Financial Industry in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has a well regulated financial sector and it has been doing trade for many decades for a good reason. It was listed in the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) in 2008 and ranked 63rd internationally in the GFCI report of 2011. Gibraltar’s priority to protect its financial reputation has been successful in maintaining international regulations and its reputation for being cooperative has been rated highly.

So What’s It Like To Work In Gibraltar?

With an increasing number of students researching finance positions and large finance companies located in Gibraltar, it has become a concentrated hub of excellent resources and talent within a small sunny location. Its proximity to the sea has also made it an attractive location for young finance enthusiasts making it a work life balance dream come true; mood and wellbeing can be improved instantly. After all, a healthy happy lifestyle doesn't just have to start after retirement.

Students bursting to get into the finance sector will need commitment, understanding and some experience to work in their dream location. Gibraltar has been viewed by many young finance fanatics as the stepping stone for a financial career and there’s no doubt “Gibraltar” stands out on any CV. Reflecting an outgoing personality which is just as important, alongside academic ability and financial aptitude.

A career in Finance in any location is not an easy ride; it’s a high-pressured cutthroat industry with tough competition which means those that work the hardest, get paid the most. Often the starting roles are not glamorous and require repetitive tasks, but progression will eventually mean doing more stimulating work.

If you make it to the top quickly to a five figure salary and decide to retire on the money you save, then its key to be wise with your personal finances. A challenging task when you want to enjoy the night life of Gibraltar while you’re young.

If there’s a talent that needs to be curbed, living it young in Gibraltar is one of the best places to invest in your finance career. It’s reputable economy is booming and it's an affordable place to live. Making financial roles in Gibraltar accessible to young applicants has never been more easier, than through SRGEurope online recruitment with our headquarters based here in Gibraltar.

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