Accounting and Finance in Scotland


Why Scotland’s Accounting & Finance Sector Is Worth Relocating For

almost 6 years ago by Alise Lapinska
Accounting and Finance in Scotland

Why Scotland’s Accounting & Finance Sector Is Worth Relocating For

With it’s stunning scenery and foundations set deep in a goldmine of history, Scotland is home to a haven of architecture and natural beauty. Home to 40 National Scenic Areas and 12 Natural Heritage sites, it is an attractable destination to combine work life with stunning scenery, with a multitude of terrains suitable for mountain walking, biking, skiing and golfing.

There are a multitude of benefits to working in Scotland, where cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow offer a cosmopolitan life for city workers thriving in a number of industries. With many of our vacancies available within the Scotland region, particularly in the accounting and finance sector, we outline some of the benefits of being employed in Scotland below.

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New Industry Sectors Are Emerging

Scotland’s strong economy is reflected by its reputation to welcome new industry sectors to emerge within several cities. Job opportunities are diverse and it has recently been highlighted as the fourth largest financial services centre within Europe.

Energy industries, including oil and gas companies, alongside life science research and manufacturing companies are beginning to establish themselves in the northern mainland.

Home To Top Accounting And Finance Firms

As the fourth largest city in the UK and headquarters for The Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh is a growing capital, becoming an attractive location for finance and insurance companies to set up base. Edinburgh is now the UK’s second largest financial centre, after London, to manage over £800 billion of assets, technology and software.

Many leading international Finance and Accountancy firms have maintained a network of bases worldwide, including in Scotland. So if you're a graduate or professional in a Finance degree and looking for a career opening within Audit, Accounts or Tax Management, Scotland is a highly sought destination due to its 300 year old history in Finance.

Wages, Benefits And Taxes

Of the UK’s four countries, Scotland contributed to having the highest employment rate. Also, Edinburgh has the second highest average salary in the country at £25,528, which is considerably high in comparison to the national average salary at £21,473.

Other benefits to working in Scotland include maternity and sick pay, child benefit and state pensions, all paid through national insurance and personal income tax.

Living in Scotland

With the vast number of highland springs in Scotland, the air and water quality is of significant quality. What’s more house prices are cheaper in the UK the more north you go, so Scotland is at the top of the list for affordable living. The average cost of living in Edinburgh is £376 compared to the UK average of £414.

The improving transport links make the countryside more accessible than ever for commuters to reach Glasgow within an hour, whilst cities like Edinburgh, Fife, Aberdeen and Inverness located on the east coast, make the dream of coastal living a reality. For many individuals working in pressurised roles within the Accounting and Finance sector, releasing the days tensions whilst absorbing the coastal beauty is perfectly attainable within this northern region of the UK. Summer months by the coast often see daylight until 11pm on a day of clear skies.

Each year the Edinburgh festival attracts people from all over the UK for a weekend of Scottish culture combining food, arts and music. The Highland Games are another popular event that takes place over a number of months showcasing generations of talent, from traditional heavy weights that are bespoke to specific Scottish regions. Solo piping and Highland dancing are other cultural entertainments to be taken advantage of whilst being a working habitant of Scotland. Embracing the culture of Scotland and its powerful history is a once in a life time experience for some, but for many who are fortunate enough, it is reachable and right on their door step without having to travel hundreds of miles each year.

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