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Industry News Wrap: Online Gaming, Gibraltar and Flexible Working

about 6 years ago by Angelique Pearson
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The SRGEurope team makes an effort to keep up to date with all of the relevant news, analysis and opinion pieces affecting our clients and candidates. Take a look at some of the top stories that have got us talking and debating in the SRGEurope offices this week.

Nearly one in three tech workers find jobs through recruiters

Recruitment Buzz

As specialist tech recruiters, we can’t say we were surprised that new data from Stack Overflow revealed that nearly one in three technology workers in the UK and Ireland find new jobs through a recruiter. Finding the right tech talent for your business and securing a role that matches your skill set is particularly challenging in the tech sector, which is why specialist and experienced recruiters are a huge help for both organisations and job-seekers.

What we found interesting about this particular data is that 52.9 per cent of the developers surveyed reported to changing jobs in the past two years. To put this into perspective, the average British worker changes jobs on average once every five years. While this revelation could prove disheartening for employers, it provides an opportunity to look at the job satisfaction of their developers and what measures they can put in place to encourage them to stay with the company. Perhaps instead of focusing on salary, you could explore flexible working options or additional benefits like private healthcare or additional learning and development opportunities? Certainly food for thought.

Flexible working is the path forward


A study into flexible working practices by Maintel found that 73 per cent of the 1,000 UK workers surveyed cite that the company they work for has good flexible work practices in place. This is a step in the right direction for UK businesses, which have had to adapt to the changing demands of a modern workforce. The appetite for flexible working is growing as 58 per cent said they would take the opportunity to spend even less time in the office if the option was available to them. We’ve seen a shift in employer attitude in recent years when it comes to flexible working, with more and more embracing the measurement of outcomes rather than attendance. This is something that will continue to evolve in favour of flexibility, especially as technology is rapidly removing the need for workers to be present in the office eight hours a day, five days a week.

Where online casino games are heading


We really liked this blog post by Andrew Thomas for TrendinTech where he looked into the future of online gaming. As you may be aware, Online Gaming is a key specialist sector for SRGEurope and we’re always keen to hear about any trends and predictions that might influence this industry. Andrew makes some really interesting predictions in the areas of mobile gaming, freemium games – where the software is provided to the user for free, but money is charged for features or functionality – and skill-based games, which he believes will increasingly be used in favour of traditional slot-type products to entice younger players. Take a look at the post to read more about what Andrew has to say and stay tuned to the SRGEurope blog for more insights from the Online Gaming industry.

23 fascinating things you probably didn’t know about Gibraltar


Brexit has ensured Gibraltar is never far from the headlines and with key clients located in Gibraltar we’ve always got our eye on the latest news affecting this British Overseas Territory. Our team is pretty clued up about all things relating to The Rock, but we loved quizzing one another on some of the facts in this article. For example, did you know that despite its size Gibraltar has a World Heritage Site in the form of Gorham’s Cave, which is part of a complex of four sea caves? Or that it has its own language – Llanito, a mix of Andalusian Spanish and English, along with smatterings of Portuguese and Maltese? And that the airport’s only runway is bisected by its busiest road, which has to close whenever a plane lands or departs? Take a look at the article to find out some more great facts on Gibraltar.

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