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Relocating for your next Career Move

over 6 years ago by Alise Lapinska
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Within our specialist disciplines we search for niche talent and quite often that talent is not on the doorstep. So you are a professional in the UK planning your next career move, would you consider relocation? Many people would say yes to this but limit themselves to relocation within the UK. Here in Gibraltar and Malta some of the employers need extremely specialist candidates with industry knowledge and they are willing to pay for a relocation package.

So why relocate abroad? This kind of career move will look great on your CV. The fact that you are forward thinking enough to take the right steps to enhance your career will show future employers you are able to take a strategic risk. If you are within the specialist Online Gaming or Tech disciplines you may have to consider a slight drop in salary to work out in Gibraltar or Malta but here you will be working within cutting edge industries that are also constantly developing and innovating. That experience alone is invaluable.

When considering relocation there are a few things to think about, especially if you are not moving alone. The tax systems, the local schools, the cost of living, what the accommodation is like, should you bring your furniture or store it? There are so many things to consider, but as an experienced recruiter with relocating candidates we have many of the answers you need. Here at SRGEurope we are not just placing you within a company, we are here to help you with tips and advice to make that move successful.

Here in Gibraltar the tax system is very straightforward and living here is like living in the UK with more sunshine. The way of life is different and much more social with the climate allowing for a better work/life balance, Many people who work in Gibraltar choose to live just across the border in Spain. There are benefits to this including better value accomodation, great beaches and a cheaper cost of living. So if you are interested in advancing your career with a move to Gibraltar or even Malta, take a look at our live jobs or contact one of our consultants today.