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Does Your CV Make a Measurable Impression?

over 6 years ago by Alise Lapinska
CV Curriculum Vitae

Whatever industry and role level you are at or aiming for, ensuring you have the right information on your CV is your first point of self sale. It tells a recruiter about you mainly giving a top line snap shot of details they will want to know more about.

Making your CV smarter could open more doors for you, so instead of listing your responsibilities under each employer think about what you contributed to those roles. Experience will take you so far but your achievements gives a more measurable impression.

Think revenue generated, awards and recognition, costs saved, problems solved and goals achieved. These pointers will paint a fuller picture of who you are and the impact you can have on future employers. We aren't telling you to increase the size of your CV, but to think about the details.

This is a simple switch from questions you may be posed in interview, and writing some of them into to your CV will ultimately show you as a focused and driven individual.

Cost savings – every organisation values this ability in their staff. It shows the ability to see the bigger picture and in order to grow within the company this is vital.

Awards & recognition - going that extra mile within your job or indeed winning an industry related reward is something potential employers will appreciate and could show your talents as a team player if you won an award as part of a team.

Problem solving - in the everyday work life problems arise and it is how you deal with those problems that shows who you are. Overcoming persistent problems and showing how you did so paints a fuller picture of your character.

Revenue Generation - creating another revenue stream for a business and department or a team puts you into super star status with employers. 

Goals acheived - showing the goals you have achieved means you are actually setting them in the first place. Setting personal and professional goals indicates to a new employer that you are determined and driven.

So if your CV doesn't tell your story think smarter not harder and write in a few key details to make you stand out from the crowd.

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