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Are You Prepared for That Skype Interview?

over 6 years ago by Alise Lapinska
skype interview

SRGEurope recruit for roles across the UK, Gibraltar, Spain and Malta sourcing candidates from across the world to relocate, so often first contact has to be via the telephone. In this digital age face to face interviews aren't always the first phase of the recruitment process. Most definately when candidates are in different countries, the Skype interview is often the first stage of the recruitment process prior to coming in for a second more formal face to face interview.

Be that as it may it is sometimes astounding that people see a Skype interview as a casual affair, so before you get your first or any further Skype interviews consider the following 5 points:

1. Check your name - quite often when people set up Skype it is for personal use and that funny or unusual name you set yourself up as won't seem so funny when a professional is calling you.

2. Profile Picture - just like every form of digital interaction a picture can speak a thousand words. A bikini shot or one where you and your friends are having fun in a bar isn't necessarily the best first impression you could make.

3. Consider time zones - when you have been invited to a Skype interview this is often because you are in a different country and time zone. Make sure you check the time in your confirmation email to see if it is GMT or not.

4. Be prepared - a Skype interview isn't any less formal than a face to face one in some cases and from that perspective presenting a professional image is key - at least on the top half anyway. A very silly thing to say perhaps, but get set up ahead of time. Make sure all the connections are working, the video/microphone etc and get rid of all distractions including setting your mobile to silent, turning the TV off and keeping the children out of the way. Make the best possible impression especially if it is a video call. Ensure the setting is as neutral as you can i.e. not in your bedroom or with a basket of washing in the background.

5. Collate your paperwork - as you would in a face to face interview make sure you have all the relevant paperwork. Even easier than a face to face interview you can have prompters, the job description and any other things that will help you make a fantastic impression.

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