Career Change To Personal Trainer Cover[1]


Are You Considering a Career Change?

over 6 years ago by Alise Lapinska
Career Change To Personal Trainer Cover[1]

January often triggers change or the need to change things about your life. If you think it might be a career change that is beckoning there are a few things you should ask yourself first. Is it your career, job or place of employment that needs to change?

Quite often people think they need a career change when all they are really after is a change of scene or new job. Wasting years of experience is not something to do lightly so firstly look at other jobs within your field. It may just be another job you need, opting for a company with a different culture to your current one.

Perhaps even look overseas to gain greater experience – here in Gibraltar and nearby Malta there are some excellent opportunities with dynamic multi-national businesses. Online gaming is an exciting industry where development happens all the time. Working within one of these companies provides a great life experience and one you’ll not look back from. The lifestyle here is laid back but you work hard and get to play hard too.

Financial security is the reason people tend to stagnate in the same role, but in changing jobs you’ll often find the financial reward is greater. If you thinking of changing careers this is the biggest consideration for people with families so ask yourself what are you prepared to go through to change career. It may mean that you’d have to take a pay cut initially whilst you train and learn the ropes.

Here in Gibraltar many people live in neighbouring Spain as the cost of living is much more economical and compared to the UK the outdoors life is possible almost every day.

If you are still thinking about changing career or jobs then talk to one of our recruitment consultants. They have a wealth of experience with helping candidates take their next career opportunity.