Would You Get the Job Based on Your Social Media Profile?

about 7 years ago by Alise Lapinska

Social media has become an important part of almost every aspect of modern life and has completely changed the way people communicate and interact. The recruitment sector is no different. Recruiters and employers now avidly use social media to find talent and scrutinise candidates. That picture of you in Ibiza your friend promised not to upload? You’re interviewer has probably seen it.

Social media is a fantastic opportunity for job seekers to make new connections and showcase what fantastic, well rounded individuals they are – however, the online world is littered with traps that could cost you your professional reputation. Social media mediums are not just personal, they are also entirely accessible to those who come into our professional lives.

This post considers some of the main ways that social media can help you climb the ladder and more importantly – avoid the fall.

Get connecting

60% of employers have stated the importance of Facebook’s networking abilities. Those who are seeking a job should utilise this pool of connections to find job opportunities. Using your online network can lead to thousands of secondary connections which can dramatically widen your job search chances as they will consult their own network as well, dramatically increasing the reach of your request for job opportunities. The more people you network with, the greater chance you have of being connected to the superstar of your chosen field.

Use your connections

Once you have an interview, look through your network, see if you are connected to the organisation, it may be that you have a personal connection within that company that can help land you the dream job.

Look interesting

Generally, employers hire people they like. You are going to be spending a lot of time together so it is important they think they will get along with you. You can use your Facebook profile to highlight your personal experiences. You should put up interesting and appropriate pictures of places you have been or hobbies you enjoy to make yourself seem well rounded, someone the employer would like to be friends with.

A further tip is that an employer is much more likely to hire someone with appropriate photos and comments who looks well rounded and interesting than someone with maximum security on their social media accounts and no online presence.

Beware of the tag

Whilst your profile may be perfect, you can't predict what your non professional friends may be tagging you in. A single tag in an inappropriate post or picture can ruin your professional credibility. Make sure you check your privacy settings to ensure you can approve tags. You know how annoyed you are when a friend tags you in a bad photo? Imagine if it lost you your dream job…


Social media recruiting is becoming increasingly important for employers. It is an effective way for employers to find the best candidates by learning a little about them before interview. Use social networks wisely and to your advantage, it can make all the difference.

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